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Litz wire

Litz wire


  • Conductor: Enamelled copper wire can be solderable or Non-solderable in Grade 1 (1 layer of enamel) or Grade 2 (2 layers of enamel).
    INDEX THERMAL F155 (155º) F180 (180º) F200 (200º)
    ENAMEL Polyurethane Polyester o Polyurethane Polyester o Polyamide
  • Stranded: Conductors arranged in concentric layers (7, 19, 37). The formation and the number of wires, depends on the section and the working frequency of this.
  • Insulation: Wire of tape the different material (textile or plastic) depending on the temperature and environmental conditions.
Nylon (Polyamide) Permanent use temperature 120ºC - presentation yarn
Polyester (Polyester) Permanent use temperature 130ºC - presentation yarn/tape
Nomex Permanent use temperature 180ºC - presentation tape
Kapton (Polyamide) Permanent use temperature 300ºC - presentation tape


Litz Wire typically is used in applications operating within a frequency range of 10 kHz to 5 MHz. For products operating beyond this frequency range, special litz products may be supplied. Individually insulated single conductors make up the basic components of any litz construction whereby electrical current flows evenly distributed through each conductor cross section at higher frequencies.

Table Frequency – Diameter wire

Frecuency (kHz) Recommended wire diameter (mm)
Min Max Aprox
0,06 1 0,320
1 10 0,250
11 20 0,180
21 50 0,120
51 100 0,100
101 350 0,060
351 850 0,050
851 1400 0,040
1401 3000 0,030


High frequency litz wire is either used for frequency or heating-related applications. Ultra fine litz wires provide solutions for both technologies regardless of frequency or impedance range. Electrical, mechanical and cost aspects need to be considered carefully during the design phase.

  • RF transformers
  • Chokes
  • Medical application
  • Sensors
  • Ballasts
  • Switching power supplies
  • Resistance wires for heating applications
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