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Litz Wire And Cable

Litz Wire And Cable


Used in high frequency applications, Litz wire and cables are built with small diameter enamelled copper wires to reducethe “skin-effect” losses that are generated by the opposing electromagnetic currents (Eddie currents).

By construction, the cables are built in such a way that “proximity effect” losses are also reduced.

Litz cable and wires can be solderable or not solderable.

Depending on the type of varnish, cables will be suitable for different temperature ranges from (150 to 240 ° C).Enamel protection is also determined by the Grade:  Grade 1 (1 layer of varnish) or Grade 2 (2 layers of varnish).

Enamel copper wire diameters ranger from 0.04mm and 5mm.

Wires are built in different formats (braid or cable) to achieve the necessary section and can be covered with different types of insultation and bonding material such as Polyester, Nomex, glass, Kapton, etc.


H155 (155ºC)

H180 (180ºC)

H200 (200ºC)



Polyester o Polyurethane

Polyester o Polyamide


Thread or tape


Max temperature 120ºC


Max temperature from 130ºC to 155ºC   


Max temperature from 180ºC to 200 ºC   


Max temperature 300 ºC.


(*) More types of coatings can be used, depending on their final use, and even a combination of several.

Litz Wire 120 x 0.10 SE F155 G1 1 Nylon insulated
Nº wires Wire diameter SE = Solderable Class Grade Nº layers and insulation


Litz cables are primarily used in high-frequency inductive applications such as high-frequency transformers and converters, high-frequency emission and reception, power electronics, inductive proximity detectors, electronic tags, multiple telephone transmission equipment, coil windings, flexible connections for relays, coils, transformers , motors, etc.

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