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Enamelled copper wire

Enamelled copper wire


  • Conductor: Annealed electrolytic bare copper (99 %). Enamelled coat insulation, with different material dependent of temperature index.
Temperature (ºC) Insulation type Diameter Standard
155 Polyurethane 0.04 - 4 IEC 60317-20
180 Polyurethane 0.04 - 2 IEC 60317-55
200 Polyester - Imide 0.14 - 4 IEC 60317-13
240 Polyimide 0.40 - 1.4 IEC 60317-46


Annealed electrolytic bare copper (99 %) + Enamelled coat insulation according to IEC 60317 (different parts).

Designation Definition
S Solderable
H No Solderable
G1 Grade 1 (insulation coat)
G2 Grade 2 (insulation coat)


Electronic applications and construction of electrical conductors of more section (multiple assembly of wires). Motor winding.

Temperature (ºC)



G1 G2
155 small transformers, linear motors, relays, solenoids, small motors, clock coils, watch coils, magnetic heads, instruments IEC 60317-20 IEC 60317-21
180 automotive coils as relays and ignition coils, transformers and solenoids, small motors, small transformers. IEC 60317-51 IEC 60317-55
200 motors, transformers IEC 60317-26 IEC 60317-13
240 For high temperature IEC 60317-46

Construction of litz wire, with different compositions and temperatures.

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