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Water and air cooled flexible bars

Water and air cooled flexible bars
Water and air cooled flexible bars
Water and air cooled flexible bars
Water and air cooled flexible barsWater and air cooled flexible barsWater and air cooled flexible bars


These cables are made up of a core of copper spring, covered with a copper braid based on wires of 0.15, 0.20 and 0.25 mm in diameter, which determines radii of curvature very small and consequently great ease of handling. However, the fundamental characteristic consists in the elimination of the heat produced by the great intensity that circulates at the moments of welding, through the passage of water, inside the cable. Externally this cable is covered with a neoprene tube. At the ends of the necessary cable section, the terminations that are welded to the cable are attached, according to the needs of each application.


The main applications of water-cooled cables are: Electrochemistry; welding; induction furnaces; electrothermia; feeding of electromagnets; etc

Water-cooled helical cables

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These cables are used for the same working conditions as braided cables, but for sections greater than 400 mm2 in section. Regarding terminations, lengths, etc., what is indicated for the aforementioned braided cables

Water Cooled and Air Cooled Secondary Flexible Cables Water cooled cables are principally used as water cooled cable bars of electrical ovens and welding equipments.All the cables are manufactured with hose in order to protect them. The lugs of the cables are pressed without welding in order to provide good transfer of the current. Air cooled flexible cables are manufactured from ECU copper wires with diameters of 0.10-0.30 mm as being twisted in round form.The possible cross sections are between 100-1000 mm.The standart insulating materials is PVC based and materials like silicon etc can be used if this required. We will consider any of the other standardised sections, on request.

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Reference Section mm²
FRA-40 40
FRA-50 50
FRA-80 80
FRA-100 100
FRA-200 200
FRA-250 250
FRA-300 300