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Press-litz & Anti-inductive driver

Press-litz & Anti-inductive driver


The "FLEX-LlNE" or PRESS-LITZ is an extra flexible inductive electric conductor developed for high intensity installations.


  • High performance of the windings.
  • Improvement of the Quality factor "Q".
  • Space reduction.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Greater current flow than conventional cables.
  • Decrease in temperature

Reduction of the Skin effect In direct current, the current density is homogeneous throughout the conductor. In alternating current, and as the working frequency increases, it is observed that there is a greater concentration of density in the surface of the conductor and a decrease in the center. This phenomenon is known as skin effect, skin effect or Kelvin effect.

In this way, at high frequencies electrons tend to circulate in the outer area of ​​the conductor, in the form of a crown, instead of over its entire surface, which, in fact, decreases the effective section of the conductor and increases the resistance of the driver. This phenomenon can be harmful in transmission lines that connect high frequency devices.

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